Freund der Family

12 – 19.01.2019

Freund der Family will take place at UNTERGESCHOSS 14 on January 12 during the winter gallery tour at Spinnerei. Organized by Jonathan Cyprès & Cécile Gallo, our artists/curators in 2018 at the residency Fugitif.
We look forward to seeing many of you there !

A perfect robbery

13 – 16.12.2018

After three months of residency in Fugitif, it’s with great pleasure that Héloïse Colrat presents her works. A perfect robbery is a show which plays on de-contextualisation and re-contextualisation. Or, on how the meaning of a shape can change with its context. Three shapes are the object of this robbery. Three shapes that the artist took from the streets of Leipzig. Once reproduced, those shapes find themselves playing new roles in different absurd settings. Loosing their initial purpose, they become something else.
Organized with the support of OFAJ/DJFW

The Value Of What ?


The Value Of What ? focus on the notions of the economy of cultural and artistic events by exploring how these practices can create and shape their own notions of value. The traditional art markets and cultural spheres were made into perspective by the apparition of the blockchain technology.
In collaboration with Soej Kritik & SeaNaps Festival
Organized with the support of OFAJ/DJFW

Aux brumes

5 – 7.10.2018

For their first exhibition in Germany, the French artists duo Jonathan Cyprès & Cécile Gallo use the art space of Soej Kritik to create an immersive installation, inspired by the aesthetic and topology of « Spielplätze », as an intimate and sacred playground. Used to mutual artistic cooperation, this exhibition will show new works created during their residency in Fugitif.
This exhibition is happening in the scope of Lindenow #14.
Organized with the support of OFAJ/DJFW

More projects coming soon...